I’m a 29 year old software engineer based in El Salvador, Central America. I’m currently working at Happy Punk Panda, an award-winning digital agency, where I make #AwesomeInternet.

I have a passion for solving problems while creating enjoyable and customized experiences for my clients.


Miller Genuine Draft

In this occasion, MGD wanted their clients to show how much they loved Electronic Dance Music(EDM). With this in mind we, at Happy Punk Panda, created the first progressive web app that rewarded their users based on they raved during a Steve Aoki’s concert.

The app was a total success and I even had the chance to take a selfie with Steve!

Excavación Ciudadana

El Faro / Publicidad Comercial

I had the honor of working with El Faro, a very important Salvadorian newspaper, through the partial development of Publicidad Comercial’s campaigns.

This project consisted on a subscriber-sourced funding website were El Faro’s readers could “dig out” corruption by donating money to the newspaper. In this way, El Faro could continue with its investigations on the different topics that matter and affect El Salvador such as immigration, impunity, violence and corruption.

The campaign raised a total of $20, 000 and became the first Salvadorian campaign to win a Cannes Lion Award on the Practices & Specialisms: Public Affairs & Lobbying category.

Excavación Ciuidadana - El Faro


Grupo Roble

This project consists on a custom Ruby on Rails CMS with a twist. Every single piece of information uploaded to this app feeds an Al recommender algorithm that delivers the users customized content, they will likely interact with.

This app works for seven malls in six different countries in Latin America, with an average of 100,000 monthly sessions and approximately 450,000 monthly page views, it has been one of the biggest systems I’ve had to develop and maintain.

Additionally, the app uses a Russian Doll cache implemented on a Redis store along with Sidekiq background jobs for the recommendation algorithm and Elastic Search for full text search. The app is hosted by the application platform Heroku and it also uses Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloudfront to deliver every asset it needs.

Multiplaza - Grupo Roble

Pilsener 110 años

Industrias La Constancia

On 2016, the brewery “Industrias La Constancia” turned 110 years and they wanted to celebrate it with their customers. To do so, they decided to give away 110 plane tickets and established that participants had to collect Pilsener’s bottle caps as currency in order to bring any loved one from any place around the world to toast with the most iconic beer brand in El Salvador.

This Ruby on Rails app was composed of three smaller modules: The first was directed to Pilsener’s customers, here they could create a campaign to bring their friends home while checking real-time stats, so they could see how their performance was compared to other participants. The second module was for the use of every support center, here they could keep track of every bottle cap collected by the customer. Finally, the last one was a customized analytics dashboard were the brand managers could keep track of important key metrics, to assure that everything was running on track.

The campaign was a total success: over half a million bottle caps were collected and the 110 tickets given brought customers from over 27 countries around the world.

Pilsener 110 años - Industrias La Constancia


Excel Automotríz

When Chevrolet El Salvador approached us at Happy Punk Panda, they were looking for a fresh image for their site, so I decided to implement a custom Wordpress theme for them.

Under this design, administrators get to choose from a variety of layouts and personalize them with the items they want in every post. This allows the administrator to mix and match the content in various ways. The site is also connected to a customized lead system, so they can connect in a more engaging and effective way with every potential client.

Chevrolet El Salvador

Clubes Siman

Almacenes Siman

In this occasion, Siman wanted to engage in a better way with their clients in the Central American region. We managed this by creating a regional website that allows clients to manage their different Siman Club accounts.

This project is divided in two parts: A Wordpress website and a Ruby on Rails tailor-made application.

The client can request a Siman’s Club account through the Wordpress site and subscribe to any event they wish. Once the account has been approved the user can manage the events they are interested on and invite their friends, while getting discounts and much more.

In addition to this, I devised a live dashboard that provides Almacenes Siman real-time statistics of their clients’ interactions with the variety of content in the platform. This allows them to excel at their customer’s service performance.

Clubes Siman

I can help you with

  • Tailor-made web apps
  • Landing pages
  • MVP bootstraping
  • Lead capture pages
  • Mobile hybrid apps
  • Responsive websites

Using any of these

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Wordpress
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Ionic
  • PHP
  • Amazon web services

I have also worked with

  • Steve Madden
  • Cerveza Golden
  • Grupo Promerica
  • Toyota Didea
  • La Prensa Gráfica
  • Metrocentro
  • Mitsubishi El Salvador
  • Ogilvy One El Salvador
  • Tiendas Adoc
  • Comité Olímpico de El Salvador